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The Mammoth Motocross Racetrack is located in, you guessed it -- Mammoth Arizona, just on the outskirts of town. Be sure to look for the Mammoth MX sign, & pay close attention because you might miss it! Our schedule is seasonal as our facility is located within the town, we are unable to operate at night therefore are closed in the summer months. (sorry!)
Mammoth Motocross was established in 19**, and is considered by some to resemble an Arenacross style layout, with lap times ranging in the high .50's to 1 minute and change. While you'll find an 80+ footer or two, you'll find nothing intimidating or unable to roll over. High banked corners are the norm and the start line straight/back straight is always fun to blast down.One innovation you may notice right away is our above ground sprinkler system designed to water the track in a more consistent manner than dumping water via traditional water truck. You may be pleasantly surprised to find the terrain more evenly moistened than you might be used to at other local tracks. Also, the time required to water & wait is drastically reduced.

You'll also find EMT's and support staff always on duty during practice and race days. Please note that although our course is a bit shorter than some, the intensity can still be high so be sure to bring and use all your protective gear or you will be watching from the fence! Boots, pants, long sleeves and the obvious helment are all required, and we also recommend knee protection, roost deflector and any other gear you may desire.

$15 per rider


  • Saturday Practice Days: 9am to 3 pm
  • Sunday Race Days: Gates @7am • Practice @9am • Racing follows!


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