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New Motocross track in the works near Payson, Utah

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 18:11

PAYSON, UTAH -- It's a little too early to say the dirt will fly, but a multi-pronged effort is on to bring a motocross track to Utah County. The proposed track site is west of Payson and mostly on federal land. The track is being pitched by Payson, is backed by Rocky Mountain ATV and would potentially be run by the county.

"There's a growing demand for this type of thing," County Commissioner Larry Ellertson said.

Much of that demand is at the request of Payson officials and Rocky Mountain ATV, which is located in the city. The city's Onion Days corresponds with Labor Day, and a track could bring some national exposure if it's up to spec. To get a national event, a track has to be qualified a year in advance, meaning it would have to be nearly complete by Labor Day this year if Payson were to get an event by 2011.

There remains an extensive process to make that date. First, the County Commission is expected to discuss an inter-agency agreement today that would include them, Payson, the state and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. Then a public open house would be held before the end of the month. There are also cultural and environmental studies that have to be done.

A total cost isn't yet available.

"It's still a little bit early, so we don't know a lot of the detail," said David Tuckett, Payson city attorney.

In addition to the track, the players are exploring the possibility of 25 miles worth of off-road ATV trails that would wind around the West Mountain area.


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